Human-machine interface systems

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HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a wide range of apparatus and programming devices
that help create effective human-machine interface systems:

  1. BulletFull compatibility with SIMATIC systems. The human-machine interface servicing functions are built into the operating system of the SIMATIC S7 programmable controllers

  2. BulletUnification with SIMATIC S7 controllers: general databases, unified interface etc.

  3. BulletDirect connection to controllers by means of PPI or MPI interfaces.

  4. BulletPossibility of work in PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks.

Programming for human-machine interface systems:

  1. BulletSCADA system SIMATIC WinCC software;

  2. Bulletvisualization software SIMATIC WinCC FLEXIBLE

  3. BulletSCADA system WONDERWARE software